Course description

This 1-hour course will empower you to:

  • Understand the causes and types of dementia
  • Recognize warning signs and symptoms of dementia
  • Broach this topic using an effective communication strategy
  • Prepare for the needs of your aging clientele

This course is available to you for 30 days.  Your certificate will be emailed upon  successful completion .  

Yvonne Poulin

Yvonne Poulin

Director, Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting

Click on this video to learn details about Yvonne and Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting.

Yvonne is an Elder Planning Counselor who is passionate about creating dementia-friendly communities through education and empowerment.

Her courses are fun, informative, and particularly useful for persons who treat or advise elderly clients.

Yvonne Poulin

Course Contents

16 Videos

3 Quizzes

4 PDFs

1.0 hr